Neural Network Console

A deep learning tool for training, evaluating,
and designing neural networks




The ultimate tool for deep learning developers.
Our tool provides an elegant user interface to design,
train and evaluate neural network models.

Deep learning technologies deserve to
be used in practice more widely.
This has been our anticipation since 2010,
when we have started research
and development involving deep learning,
and continued to see its powers since then.

On June 2017, we have released
our Neural Network Libraries
as open source software.
Now, we are releasing an app to make deep learning even more intuitive.


Start using deep learning
with an intuitive user interface.

The new deep learning experience


Drag and drop
for try and error

Use a rich variety of neural layers
to design your cutting-edge network.
A comfortable UI will help you
implement new ideas instantly.


Automatic Structure Search

Tired of fine-tuning your network by hand?
Neural Network Console can automatically search for a lightweight,
high-performance neural network structure for you.


Train and examine
with a click of a button.

After designing a network,
training the network
using our Neural Network Libraries
is a simple click away.
View the progress and performance
in real time.

* The Neural Network Libraries
are the core libraries
of the Neural Network Console.


Manage Your Training History

Browse your history of the neural networks you have trained.
View the performance of each network at a glance.

Neural Network Console_V1.0.0

for Windows 8.1/10_64bit

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Neural Network Libraries

The core libraries used in
the Neural Network Console
is also available as open source software.