- Cloud

Deep learning is now available anywhere and any time, with rich amount of resources on the cloud.
Free open beta version is available now.

Simple and Easy-To-Use Deep Learning on Cloud

No Installation

Rich amount of up-to-date resources available just by signing in.

Available on Mac

On top of Windows, it is also avaliable on Mac and Linux.It is accessible from anywhere with Internet connection.

Superior Portability

You can download the results from training on cloud, and load it in Neural Network Libraries.It is also compatible with Neural Network Console Windows application version's projects.

Now in Open Beta Period

Free open beta version is avaliable now.
Experience readily implementable deep learning.

10GB of File Storage

You can upload and test your own dataset. Up to 10GB allowed.

10 Compute Hours

You can freely design your neural network, train and evaluate it for up to 10 hours.

10 Projects

Up to 10 neural network projects preserved. Various sample projects available.

  • You need to sign up to start using Neural Network Console.
  • - Regions permitted: Japan (coming soon in other territories)
  • - Recommended browser: Chrome

Console - Windows App

Install it on your own Windows PC.Windows application enables you to take full advantage of deep learning in your local environments.

More About Windows App