Deep learning is now available anywhere and anytime, with rich amount of resources on the cloud.
From the rich computing resources such as GPU, you can choose your proper resource according to your purpose.

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Simple and Easy-To-Use Deep Learning on Cloud


Learning with multiple GPUs

Latest and powerful computing resources are available by only signing in to the cloud and the incredible performance of multiple GPUs makes learning of large networks speed up.

Available on both Mac and Windows

On top of Windows, it is also avaliable on Mac and Linux.
It is accessible from anywhere with Internet connection.

Superior Portability

You can download the results from training on the cloud, and load it in Neural Network Libraries.
It is also compatible with Neural Network Console Windows application version's projects.

Pay-per-use Model

You only pay for the amount of the computing resources you consume, so you can minimize the cost of deep learning.
Moreover, upper limit setting will prevent you from consuming unintentionally.


Free Usage

You can get started with Neural Network Console Cloud for free within the following free usage limit.
If you consume your free usage limit, you will not be charged automatically.

Processor Type


Compute Hour

2 hours

Workspace Usage

10 GB

Number of Project

10 projects

Monthly Charge based on Usage

If you want to use more than the free limit, you can use multiple GPUs and larger workspace(up to 1TB). Thay are pay-as-you-go model, you can save a big initial investment.

Monthly Charge

Processor Type


¥85/h ~

Compute Hour

Actual running time

Additonal Workspace

10GB ~ 1TB


Number of Project


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You need to sign up to start using Neural Network Console Cloud.

- Regions permitted: Japan (coming soon in other territories)

- Recommended browser: Chrome

Windows App

Install it on your own Windows PC.Windows application enables you to take full advantage of deep learning in your local environments.

More About Windows App

The Cloud version does not support Internet Explorer.
Please open with Google Chrome or download the Windows version in here.

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The same function is available with both Google and Sony accounts.